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The No. 2 wide receiver on 49ers defensive end Brock Purdy came in this week after the star quarterback recently came under heavy criticism from NFL analysts.

All-Pro Brandon Aiyuk clarified his perception of Purdy to reporters on Wednesday, sharing his take on the negative noise directed at his 24-year-old teammate.

“I don't really talk or focus on his critics,” Ayuk told reporters. “Obviously we're all sitting here because of him.”

Aiyuk knows firsthand what Purdy means to San Francisco, as the quarterback helped him earn back-to-back 1,000-plus yard seasons (2022, 23).

Aiyuk appreciates the opportunity to suit up Sunday alongside Purdy, citing three traits he values ​​at No. 13.

“Stand still, dog, just a footballer,” Ayuk declared. “I love playing football with him. [Purdy’s] The reason I'm sitting here today is because I feel like I have a chance this weekend to play my best football because of a midfielder like him.

On Monday, Deebo Samuel, the 49ers' other leading receiver, took a similar defensive stance to Purdy.

The Pro Bowl team widely posted an Instagram story calling out ESPN's Ryan Clark, who gave a long speech about the prospect of the second-year quarterback being a product of elite coaching and teammates on “First Take.”

“I have never seen so much hate towards a QB who leads the league in almost every category, you are all wrong,” Samuel posted on his Instagram story. “Which [tape] do not lie.

While naysayers don't want to admit it, Purdy has the trust and support of all the right people.

Purdy's receivers are in his corner, as well as Hall of Famers Steve Young and Kurt Warner, which means the Iowa State product must be doing something right.

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After all, Purdy had one home run to keep the 49ers away from reaching their eighth Super Bowl championship.

On Sunday, Purdy could seal the deal for San Francisco in the NFC Championship game against the Detroit Lions at 3:30 PM PT at Levi's Stadium.

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