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Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers warmed up for the Packers two quarters into Green Bay's 48-32 win over the Cowboys on Sunday.

Speaking to the media prior to the 49ers' NFC Divisional Round game, Shanahan declared that he wasn't completely surprised by the strong performance the Packers had against Dak Prescott and Co., who entered the playoffs as the No. 2 seed in the conference. seed.

“I would say that — before we got to the playoffs just because we didn't really study Green Bay and watch them. Once we had those 10 days, I kind of saw a lot of people,” Shanahan said. “You realize they have a good shot. I mean, I didn't know who was going to win, but it didn't surprise me. Dallas is a good team.

“The way it started was a little surprising, but once you watch the tape and Green Bay really comes in and really thinks about their numbers and watches their players and how they do it, it doesn't surprise me. At all now.”

The 49ers coach also added how he and his staff didn't study a lot of film on Saturday's opponent. That was until the Packers, powered by quarterback Jordan Love and running back Aaron Jones, picked up the pace early in the second quarter, making it clear they were next in line for the 49ers.

“We were already here [in the office]“So we were doing that the other day,” Shanahan told reporters. “We got a little mixed up earlier in the week, beating a couple of teams. But [we] I started to really focus on them midway through the second quarter. after that [the Cowboys] I scored at the end of the second quarter, so I did both in the first half. And then, in the third quarter, I was assigned to one team [the Packers]”.

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With the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys collapsing on Super Wild Card Weekend, the 49ers' playoff path looks clearer now.

However, Star 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa advises that at this stage of the Lombardi Trophy chase, no team should be underestimated and swept under the rug.

“Yeah, you definitely don't look at your opponents in the playoffs,” Bosa said. “But when you watch the tape, it makes perfect sense.”

Over the weekend, the 49ers rested up and got a head start on analyzing Saturday's opponent, a plus for Shanahan he didn't expect — but one he'll gladly take on dangerous Green Bay.

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