3 zodiac signs may have a rough day in love on December 3, 2023

December 3 offers us an opportunity to grow… the hard way, which is what makes it a difficult day for all three signs.

What works with us, not necessarily against us, is the transit of Venus in a square to Pluto.

This is a difficult aspect because it deals with love and hesitation. Pluto’s power is all about transformation, and we may find that we are being asked to change… for the sake of love.

Three zodiac signs will be called to task during Venus’ transit of Pluto. It’s a job worth doing, and we have to seize the opportunity, because what happens is that we have good relationships now… but something in their dynamic needs an upgrade, an opportunity, something transformative and positive.

This is all doable and hopefully we can be open to the idea that it is okay to accept change and it is better to work on ourselves for it.

The Venus-Pluto square shows us that nothing is hopeless but that work is needed if we want to achieve something successful.

So, if we are smart and able to see ourselves as “seeds of potential,” we will be able to use this energy to our advantage by making changes on December 3, 2023.

The three zodiac signs with approximate zodiac signs for December 3, 2023:

1. Cancer

(June 21 – July 22)

You’ve always been sensitive to your romantic partner’s needs, and you’ve never had a problem trying new things for them. On this day, you may find that your partner asks us something that you may initially find offensive. Not because it’s something terrible, but because it challenges you and asks you to change… for them. Maybe you think you’re “perfect” as is, so this request surprises you.

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However, as Venus transits Pluto on December 3, 2023, you will see that this is something you can handle.

I’ve realized that being in a relationship is about compromise, whether both parties like it or not. However, compromise is what makes it work. This is what you want: for everything to work out and last. You’re not in this to lose. You are here to win it.

So, you’ll be working with the forces that come with Venus-Pluto to try to accept that you need to change… and not just because your partner asked for that change on a whim.

You see, not only does this mean a lot to them, but it’s something you can actually use in your life. Taking this seriously may be difficult at first, but as you realize its beauty, you are willing to accept what needs to be done and get it done.

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2. Leo

(July 23 – August 22)

Today is the day you swallow your pride and come to terms with the idea that not only are you always right about everything, but you can change and you can do it without fighting. As Venus transits Pluto, you’ll notice that the potential for greatness exists, and that although it may feel hard to admit it, you need to change in order to achieve that greatness.

This ties into your romantic life which is probably why it is also an issue of pride for you, Leo. You have lived a certain lifestyle with the person you are with.

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If you go back into your history with this person, you will see that it was you who developed the state you are currently in. What happened is that your partner became resentful of it, and now wants to change. Change is good, Leo, and on December 3, 2023, you’ll see how true this is.

So, it’s just a matter of accepting that you need to change some things in your style in order to please your partner. Instead of making this an argument, you should decide to see things through their eyes. Once you are able to empathize with the person you love, you will find that transits like a Venus-Pluto square are there to help you achieve success. Everything is “technically” on your side today if you see it that way.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 – February 18)

Being told what to do has never worked for you, but you will notice that on December 3, 2023, you were not told what to do but suggested to do something differently by someone who truly loves and respects you. You. What you’ll find is that while Venus transits Pluto, your romantic partner wants something you have, yet, and don’t want to budge on. This has caused friction, and yet it does not go away.

You may find that it’s time to open your mind and see if this kind of transformation is something you can accept in yourself, as this is starting to feel like a deal breaker as far as your partner is concerned.

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What you might notice with Venus-Pluto is that they don’t ask you for anything that no one else would; They need this and you have to wonder if it’s your pride that’s getting in the way of giving them what they seem to be asking of you.

This transit, Venus-Pluto, has the power to open your eyes and let you know that you are not threatened. In fact, you are affected by the transformation. Although you may be reluctant to change, you know that your partner loves you very much and that the feeling is mutual, so why not at least try to change or adapt in the way he suggested? On December 3, 2023, he has the power to change your mind.

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