2024 Big 12 Wrestling Championship results, brackets, and schedule

The Big 12 Wrestling Championships take place March 9-10 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Not only will wrestlers compete for team and individual conference titles, they will compete for 57 automatic qualifying spots for the NCAA Championships.

2024 Big 12 Wrestling Brackets

The Big 12 wrestling brackets are available on Trackwrestling here.

Big 12 wrestling schedule

*All times are Central Standard Time

Saturday 9 March

10:00 AM – Preliminaries and quarter-finals

5:00 PM – Semifinals and consolations

Sunday 10 March

12:00 noon – Funeral

7:30 PM – Finals



Noah Surtain (Missouri) Elijah Griffin (California Baptist) 7-4 SV-1

Gore Folk (Wyoming) December. Tanner Jordan (South Dakota State) 1-0

Kisen Tirukina (Iowa) December. Stevo Bolin (Northern Colorado) 3-2

Troy Spratly (Oklahoma State) December. Jett Strickenberger (West Virginia) 8-4


Daton Fix (Oklahoma State) pinned Garrett Rex (Wyoming) at 2:03

Derek Cardinal (South Dakota State) Julian Farber (Northern Iowa) 4-1 SV-1

Dominic Serrano (Northern Colorado) beat Kade Moore (Missouri) 6-3

Evan Frost (Iowa State) Major Dec. Hunter Lake (California Baptist) 18-5


Anthony Echemendia (Iowa State) downs Tech Cole Brooks (Wyoming) 21-5 5:50

Jordan Titus (West Virginia) December. Clay Carlson (South Dakota State) 6-5

Kyle Hubble (Northern Iowa) December. Josh Edmond (Missouri) 10-3

Tajen Jamison (Oklahoma State) December Major. Hayden Drury (Utah Valley) 10-0


Casey Swiderski (Iowa State) December. Logan Giuffre (Missouri) 4-2

Jordan Williams (Oklahoma State) December. Alec Martin (South Dakota State) 13-8

Ty Watters (West Virginia) December Main. Maxwell Peterson (North Dakota State) 12-2

Gabe Willowshell (Wyoming) pinned Willie McDougald 2:11


Jared Hill (Oklahoma) December. Vinny Zerban (Northern Colorado) 4-3

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Cody Chittum (Iowa State) December. Brooke Mueller (Missouri) 7-3

Ryder Downey (Northern Iowa) downs Tech Landen Johnson (North Dakota State) 15-0 6:20

Kyle Swenson (South Dakota State) Senior Dec. Teague Travis (Oklahoma State)


David Carr (Iowa State) TF Jack Thompson (Northern Iowa) 17-2 5:47

Keegan O'Toole (Missouri) pins Cooper Voorhees (Wyoming) 2:15

Peyton Hall (West Virginia) pinned Kyle Carlson (Oklahoma) 4:13

Isaac Olynyk (Oklahoma State) d. Giano Petrocelli (Air Force) 4-3


Cade DeVos (South Dakota State) December. Brody Conley (West Virginia) 4-1

Peyton Mocco (Missouri) D. Jared Sima (Northern Iowa) 10-4

Brayden Thompson (Oklahoma State) December. Tate Picklew (Oklahoma) 4-1 SV-1

Gavin Sachs (North Dakota State) MJ Gaytan (Iowa State) 6-3 SV-1


Parker Kickisen (Northern Iowa) TF Ethan Duca (Wyoming) 21-4 5:33

Colton Hooks (Missouri) Greater December. Will Feldkamp (Iowa State) 13-2

Dustin Plott (Oklahoma State) TF Dennis Rubin (West Virginia) 18-3 5:18

Sam Wolfe (Air Force) December. Bennett Berg (South Dakota State) 4-1


Tanner Sloan (South Dakota State) pins Julian Broderson (Iowa State) 1:47

Stephen Buchanan (Oklahoma) pins Spencer Moberry (North Dakota State) 6:20

Wyatt Voelker (Northern Iowa) December. Evan Bookman (Utah Valley) 4-1

Rocky Elam (Missouri) December. Joseph Novak (Wyoming) 5-1


Wyatt Hendrickson (Air Force) pins Luke Rasmussen (South Dakota State) 1:45

Zach Elam (Missouri) D. Chase Trussell (Utah Valley) 5-0

Younger Bastida (Iowa State) pinned Michael Wolfgram (West Virginia) 2:17

Josh Hindselman (Oklahoma) d. Conner Doucet (Oklahoma State) 4-1

Round of 16 results


Elijah Griffin (California Baptist) December. Trever Anderson (Northern Iowa) 5-2

Tanner Jordan (SD State) pinned Ryan Henningson (North Dakota State) 5:26

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Stevo Bolin (Northern Colorado) December Main. Joseph Lilly (Utah Valley) 9-1

Kisen Tirukina (Iowa) December. Conrad Hendricksen (Oklahoma) 6-2

Jett Strickenberger (West Virginia) pins Tucker Owens (Air Force) 6:37


Daton Fix (Oklahoma State) TF Fernando Barreto (North Dakota State) 5-11 (TF-1.5 7:00 (18-3))

Julian Farber (Northern Iowa) December Major. Davin Rhodes (West Virginia) 12-3

Derek Cardinal (South Dakota State) D. Case Mauger (Utah Valley) 8-3

Cady Moore (Missouri) Greater December. Bubba Wright (Air Force) 11-3

Evan Frost (Iowa State) Major Dec. Jess Kulzer (Oklahoma) 12-1


Anthony Echemendia (Iowa State) TF Jarrett Kochan (Air Force) 17-2

Jordan Titus (West Virginia) December Major. Darren Green (California Baptist) 16-4

Kyle Happel (Northern Iowa) TF Rudy Lopez (Northern Colorado) 21-6

Tajn Jamison (Oklahoma State) TF Caden Smith (Oklahoma) 18-3


Logan Geoffrey (Missouri) D. Benji Alanis (Northern Colorado) 4-1

Alec Martin (South Dakota State) d. Dane Morton (California Baptist) 1-2 TB

Ty Watters (West Virginia) TF Joe Vernau (Air Force) 18-3

Maxwell Petersen (North Dakota State) pinned Adam Allard (Northern Iowa) 3:21

Willie McDougald (Oklahoma) Major Dec. James Emmer (Utah Valley) 11-0


Vinny Zerban (Northern Colorado) December. Sloan Swan (Wyoming) 9-3

Brooke Mueller (Missouri) Dr. Caleb Dowling (West Virginia) 2-1

Cody Chittum (Iowa State) TF Brooks Gable (Air Force) 22-4

Teague Travis (Oklahoma State) December. Chaz Hallmark (California Baptist) 8-5

Ryder Downey (Northern Iowa) TF Alex Emmer (Utah Valley) 19-3


Cooper Voorhees (Wyoming) December. Jackson Garrott (Utah Valley) 11-7

Giano Petrucelli (Air Force) Major Dec. Derek Matthews (Northern Colorado) 11-0

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Peyton Hall (West Virginia) TF Brendan Howes (North Dakota State) 16-1

Jack Thompson (Northern Iowa) December. Tanner Cook (South Dakota State) 6-3

David Carr (Iowa State) pinned Matteo Delapina (California Baptist) 2:07


Brody Conley (West Virginia) December Major. Mahonry Rushton (Utah Valley) 13-3

Peyton Mocco (Missouri) pins Peter Acciardi (California Baptist) 6:49

Tate Picklew (Oklahoma) December. Noah Blake (Air Force) 4-2

Gavin Sachs (North Dakota State) TF Quinn Short (Wyoming) 15-0 2:12

Jared Sima (Northern Iowa) TF Aiden Rex McElhenney (Northern Colorado)


Ethan Duca (Wyoming) December. Branson Britten (Northern Colorado) 4-3

Sam Wolfe (Air Force) Major Decision Jacob Armstrong (Utah Valley) 14-2

Colton Hooks (Missouri) Greater December. Adam Chern (North Dakota State) 17-3

Dustin Blott (Oklahoma State) pins Giuseppe Howes (Oklahoma) 2:35

Bennett Berg (South Dakota State) December. Nathan Haas (California Baptist) 9-6


Tanner Sloan (South Dakota State) pinned Xavier Vasquez (Northern Colorado) 4:40

Julian Broderson (Iowa State) d. Austin Cooley (West Virginia) 4-1

Joseph Novak (Wyoming) pinned Calvin Sund (Air Force) in 3:39

Wyatt Voelker (Northern Iowa) downs Elie Sheerin Tech (California Baptist) 19-2 3:39

Spencer Moberry (North Dakota State) pinned Luke Surber (Oklahoma State): 49


Conner Doucet (Oklahoma State) December. Chris Island (California Baptist) 2-0

Younger Bastida (Iowa State) pinned Xavier Dolin (Northern Colorado) 0:30

Zach Elam (Missouri) D. Devon Dawson (North Dakota State) 1-0

Chase Trussell (Utah Valley) December. Terrell Gordon (Northern Iowa) 4-1 SV-2

Luke Rasmussen (South Dakota State) December. Kevin Zimmer (Wyoming) 7-5

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