2023 National Junior Wrestling Results

The 2023 Junior National Duals is taking place in Tulsa, Oklahoma from June 14-17. Stay up to date with the event by updating this article throughout the event.

The full brackets and individual scores are available at Trackwrestling is here.

June 14-17 · Day resumes at 1:00 PM UTC

2023 Junior National Duals and 14U Girls Duals

Results of the Greco-Roman gold/silver placement match

First game: Illinois vs California Gold

Third place game: Iowa vs. Idaho

Fifth place game: Oklahoma Blue vs Colorado

Seventh-place match: Penn vs. Oklahoma Reds

Greco-Roman gold/silver pool results

Illinois 46, Pennsylvania 18

Iowa 33, Oklahoma Blue 32

Idaho 43, Colorado 23

Oklahoma Red 33, California Gold 30

Illinois 41, Oklahoma Blue 24

Iowa 41, Pennsylvania 25

Idaho 34, Oklahoma Red 30

California Gold 39, Colorado 23

Illinois 48, Iowa 17

Oklahoma Blue 37, Pennsylvania 31

California Gold 36, Idaho 28

Colorado 48, Oklahoma Red 19

The results of the Greco-Roman group A

First place – Illinois

Second place – Colorado

Third place – Ohio Red

Fourth place – Georgia Reid

Fifth place – Minnesota Red

Sixth place – Washington

Seventh place – Michigan Blue

8th place – Texas Blue

First game: Illinois beat Colorado 55-8.

Third place game: Ohio Red defeated Georgia Red, 35-31.

Fifth Place Game: Minnesota Red defeated Washington 37-31.

Seventh-place game: Michigan Blue beat Texas Blue, 37-26.

Results of Group B Greco-Roman

First place – Idaho

Second place – Pennsylvania

Third place – Wisconsin

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Fourth place – Missouri

Fifth place – Kansas Blue

Sixth place – Utah

Seventh place – Virginia

8th place – North Dakota Blue

First game: Idaho beat Pennsylvania 35-31.

Game 3: Wisconsin beat Missouri 36-36.

Fifth place game: Kansas Blue defeated Utah 37-31.

Seventh-place game: Virginia beat North Dakota Blue, 35-34.

Results of the Greco-Roman group c

First place – California Gold

Second place – Oklahoma Blue

Third place – Minnesota Blue

Fourth place – Texas Red

Fifth place – Florida

Sixth place – Georgia Blue

Seventh place – Indiana

8th place – North Carolina

First game: California Gold defeated Oklahoma Blue 60-9.

2nd Place Wrestleback: The Oklahoma Blue beat the Minnesota Blue, 0-0.

Third place game: The Minnesota Blue defeated the Texas Red, 48-17.

Fifth place game: Florida beat Georgia Blue, 59-14.

Seventh-place game: Indiana beat North Carolina, 48-22.

The results of the Greco-Roman group d

First place – Iowa

2nd place – red Oklahoma

Third place – Oregon

Fourth place – Alabama

Fifth place – Tennessee

Sixth place – Kansas Red

Seventh place – Arkansas

8th place – North Dakota Red

First game: Iowa defeated the Oklahoma Reds, 40-28.

2nd Place Wrestleback: Oklahoma Red defeated Oregon 0-0.

Third place game: Oregon beat Alabama 46-22.

Fifth place game: Tennessee beat Kansas Red 48-19.

Seventh-place game: Arkansas beat North Dakota Reds, 40-26.

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