2022 NBA Draft Live Updates, Results: Trader, Order, Grades, Magic Trade Takes Palo Banzero No. 1

This day and age is not usually much of a surprise in the NBA draft, but as Thursday night began to be a major one, Orlando Magic selected Duke Forward Paulo Panzero as the No. 1 seed. For weeks, they had been expecting Jabri Smith to be taken out of the Auburn, and it was not yet clear if it was a comprehensive photo shoot or if they had changed their mind at the last minute.

It is said that The Magic never conducted Panzero for a formal workout or interview in Orlando, suggesting that this may be the latter.

Anyway, the Oklahoma City Thunder then drove the big man set Holmgreen out of Gonzaga as expected, while the Houston Rockets went into the top three with Smith. The rockets may have been planned in Panzero, but Smith should have matched well with Johnson Green for a sharp shooting forward.

Of course, no draft could be complete without the Sacramento Kings out of the box, and despite almost all predictions that Purdue’s Jaden Ivy would be the clear fourth-best player, they picked up Keegan Murray, who finished 4th overall. Maybe they really trusted Murray, or they might have been wary of taking a guard on their first choice for the third time.

Exciting night around the NBA. We will provide you with all the steps right here. Here’s how to view the NBA draft on Thursday night.

Follow below for updates, trades and analytics options for the 2022 NBA Draft.

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2022 NBA Draft Order

Round 1 Choose Round 2 Choose
1. Mantra

Paulo Panzero
PF | Duke

31. Crack bowlers Andrew Nembard
PG | Konsaka
2. Thunder

Chad Holmgren
C | Konsaka

32. Mantra Caleb Houston
SF | Michigan
3. Rockets

Jabri Smith
PF | Auburn

33. Raptors Christian Koloko
C | Arizona
4. Kings

Keegan Murray
PF | Iowa

34. Thunder Jailin Williams
PF | Arkansas
5. Pistons

Jaden Ivy
SG | Burdock

35. Lakes * Max Christie
SG | Michigan St.
6. Crack bowlers

Of Benedict Madrid
SG | Arizona

36. Trail Blazers Gabriel Procita
SF | Italy
7. Trail Blazers

Shadow Sharp
SG | Kentucky

37. Kings * Jaden Hardy
SG | G League Ignite
8. Pelicans

Tyson Daniels
SG | G League Ignite

38. Spurs * Kennedy Chandler
PG | Tennessee
9. Spurs

Jeremy Sosson
PF | Baylor

39. Guards Caliph Diop
C | Senegal
10. Witches

Johnny Davis
SF | Wisconsin

40. Wood Wolves * Price McGowans
SF | Nebraska
11. Feet * Ousmane Dieng
SF | France
41. Pelicans EJ Little
PF | Ohio St.
12. Thunder Jalan Williams
SG | Santa Clara
42. Nix Trevor Keells
SG | Duke
13. Hornets * Jalan Duran
C | Memphis
43. Clippers Moussa Diabate
PF | Michigan
14. Guards Ochai Akbaji
SG | Kansas
44. Hawks * Ryan Rollins
SG | Toledo
15. Hornets Mark Williams
C | Duke
45. Hornets Josh Minot
PF | Memphis
16. Hawks AJ Griffin
SF | Duke
46. ​​Pistons * Ismail Comet
C | France
17. Rockets Tari Eason
47. Chrysalis Vince Williams Jr.
18. Bulls Dylan Terry
SF | Arizona
48. Wood Wolves * Kendall Brown
SF | Baylor
19. Wood Wolves * Jack Laravia
PF | Wake Forest
49. Guards * Isaiah Mobley
20. Spurs Malagi Branham
SF | Ohio St.
50. Wood Wolves Matteo Spagnolo
PG | Italy
21. Nuggets Christian Brown
SG | Kansas
51. Warriors * Tyrus Martin
SG | Yugan
22. ChrisLice * Walker Kessler
C | Auburn
52. Pelicans Carlo Matkovich
C | Serbia
23. 76ers * David Roddy
SG | Colo St.
53. Celtics J. D. Davison
PG | Alabama
24. Bucks MarJon Beauchamp
SF | G League Ignite
54. Witches Yanik Nasosa
C | Congo
25. Spurs Blake Wesley
SG | Notre Dame
55. Warriors
26. Rockets * Wendell Moore Jr.
SF | Duke
56. Guards
27. Heat Nikola Jovic
SF | Serbia
57. Trail Blazers
28. Warriors Patrick Baldwin Jr.
PF | Milwaukee
58. Crack bowlers
29. ChrisLice * Tidy Washington Jr..
PG | Kentucky
30. Nuggets * Beyton Watson
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