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     PS3 Revisited
     What has Sony Been up to Lately?
     The Sorry State of Hardware Reviews
     Distributed Computing
     How to Retire Your Old PC
     Solving Common Networking Problems
     Building a Folding Farm
     Customizing Your Folding Farm
     Vivendi Games and Activision Merger
     Wireless Popularity 2: Security Concerns, Continued
     Television Without a Tuner
     HP: Getting Its Engines Started
     2008 Tech Preview
     Holiday Guide 2007
     Mile High Wi-Fi
     Wireless Popularity 3: Problems Solved; Future Use
     Let the Seller Beware Promotions Will be Hacked
     Robot Racers
     Leaner Computing: Less Might be More
     Response to The Inquirer
     Podcasting: The Next Big Thing
     Wireless Popularity: New Security Concerns for a Wireless Age
     Everyone’s iProfiting
     Trade Secrets vs. the First Amendment
     GTA: Sex, Violence, and Video Games
     The Year of the CPU
     $100 Laptop
     Sony Building a Brain Beam?
     Attack on Square-Enix, Direction for Online Terrorism
     RoboCup Points to Future AI Applications
     Digital Convergence and the Future of Entertainment
     Apple Joins Intel, Future Products
     iPod Nano and Rokr, BIG Disappointments
     Apple Joins Intel, OS X and Windows Face Off
     The Nintendo Death Watch
     Quantum Computing: the Story So Far
     A Bunker Year for Apple
     Apple Video iPod Invites War with Microsoft
     Humanoid Robots Conquer Japan
     Grand Theft Auto Kills Three, Steals Car
     Why Aren`t More Women Involved in Gaming?
     DARPA’s Grand Challenge: A Real Race This Time!
     It’s Apple vs. Microsoft over iPod Patent
     Diamonds – a Geek’s Best Friend?
     AMD and Their Struggles
     Technology’s Response to Katrina
     Everything’s Digital at Germany’s Consumer Electronics Show
     LCD Keyboards to WiFi VOIP Converters, Gadget Demo Highlights
     A Portable Chip for Digital Rights Management
     Electronic Paper: Trying to Improve on the Original
     Is Apple Planning a Smart Phone?
     Dell, Building an Apple or a Lemon?
     Wired Kitchen, Cooking with Computers
     PDA, GPS Mutate City Streets into Archaeology
     I Don`t Need My Cell Phone—I Can Quit Anytime I Want
     Next Martian Rover Goes Through its Paces
     Police, Military Investigate Non-Lethal Weapons
     Sony, Keep Your Spyware out of My Music!
     Podcasting Matures with Pod-Conference
     My X-mas Wish List (One Techie’s Delusions of Excess)
     Online Gaming Addiction – Myth or Reality?
     It`s a Mod Mod World: Case and Found Object Modding
     Help NASA Find a Bit of Stardust
     Apple`s Intels, Changing Macs Forever
     Dell Abducts Alienware
     Bluetooth to Get Boost from Video
     Nintendo: Ready to Start a Revolution
     New GUI for Linux Depends on Open Video Drivers
     Virtual Land Grab Triggers Real Lawsuit

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